OurStories 3 – OurGenerations


You can view all of the participant videos on our YouTube page by clicking HERE.

OurGenerations is an arts-based project that explores what life was like 30 years ago for 30 older gay men (and some women) from Toronto. Over 2016, passionate youth volunteers at OurSpace heard stories from the community and captured these stories through audio recordings and photographs.

We hope that OurGenerations will inspire young gay, bi, and queer cis and trans men to talk about their own struggles with age and identity, and to honour older folks who have helped shape the present-day community. Thanks to the support of Resist Stigma, we have been able to turn each interview into its own short video, all of which will can be viewed on our YouTube page.

We hosted a launch event on Feb. 28, 2017, which you can read about on the Facebook page.

Interviewer: Marcus Peterson
Photographer: Roberto Bonifacio
Video Editor: Logan Salter