How it works

All activities, programs, and campaigns are created by and for young guys who like guys in Toronto. Our volunteers are separated into 6 sub-committees that help put our ideas into action. You can read about each committee below.

OurSpace is guided by a central Steering Committee composed of a coordinator from each sub-committee and 2 co-chairs.If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please fill out an application here.


Art Committee
The Art Committee is an avenue for exchange between various committees. We study emerging art and design trends within the local and international communities. Process, Failure, Experimentation and the courage to always try again are desirable qualities which we seek out. We bring a fresh and interdisciplinary approach to solving challenges, specifically in relation to identity, social location and community engagement. This includes the current OurStories project series. The Art Committee is an incubator and catalyst for future possibilities. The goal of the Art Committee is to support the efforts of local queer artists while creating leadership opportunities for OurSpace. This committee collaborates with the Communications & Outreach Committee to ensure strategic development and meaningful engagement within queer communities. We support OurSpace’s external communications and social media accounts, including our monthly email newsletter and digital content.

Communications & Outreach Committee
The Communications & Outreach Committee is responsible for OurSpace’s external communications and social media accounts. This include our monthly email newsletter and our digital content. The goal of the committee is to promote OurSpace’s events and projects by growing our online presence and expanding our group’s recognition. We create social media campaigns to advertise our events and generate interest in OurSpace’s projects, such as the OurStories series. We collaborate with the Art and other committees to create effective promotion strategies and increase attendance at our events.

Finance & Fundraising Committee
The Finance & Fundraising Committee Volunteers will collaborate with the Finance Coordinator and other OurSpace volunteers to seek out possible avenues for funding, so that the collective can create engaging events that cater to young guys who like guys.

Peer Support Committee
The Peer Support Committee helps young guys who like guys empower themselves through peer support groups, counselling, and referrals. We employ an anti-oppressive framework to provide a safer, affirming environment. The goal of the Committee is to build on the strengths of young guys who like guys in order to recognize, understand, and address the challenges they face in their lives. We see health in terms of overall well-being, which includes but is not limited to our mental, emotional, physical, social, sexual, and spiritual selves. The Committee, which is led by social work professionals, will ensure ethical and competent practice by following the guidelines set out by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

Research & Advocacy Committee
The Research and Advocacy Committee provides young guys who likes guys a platform to bring public, institutional, and political awareness to current issues that affect our communities. The Committee employs an intersectional analysis of the social and health issues experienced by young guys who like guys, acknowledging that these concerns can rarely be understood in isolation from each other. At times, the Committee’s work also expands to solidarity efforts to support and strengthen other initiatives across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We express our members’ needs and concerns to the broader community through campaigns, community and academic research, and stakeholder engagement. Lived experiences, professional insight, and academic knowledge complement each other to guide the work of the Committee. Any young guy who likes guys with something to say is welcome to join the committee and contribute to new and ongoing initiatives.

Social Events Committee
The OurSpace Social Committee wants you to have fun! We know that feeling well physically and mentally includes being connected to friends and peers. We organize social events that bring people together in fun and interesting ways, from board game nights to beach trips. There are so many ways to have a good time in this city — sometimes it just takes a little creativity make them happen. The goal of this committee is to foster community among young guys who like guys and our peers by organizing social events and outings. We plan our own events or plug into pre-existing events in Toronto. We also collaborate with Finance & Fundraising and other committees to develop fundraising events.