Busting the Top/Bottom Binary

“Top or bottom?”
“Bottom, u?”
“Oh, me too.”
“Well, ttyl.”

Does that conversation sound familiar to you at all? Why is it that, when two guys are interested in each other, they decide to call it quits when they find out they’re both bottoms? And, thinking about gay sex more broadly, why does it always come down to the question “are you a top or a bottom?” Join OurSpace on February 10 for a workshop during which we will discuss these questions and more.

This workshop is open to young guys who like guys, including guys who identify as gay, bi, queer, questioning, 2-Spirit, trans, pansexual … There will be a focus on the experiences of guys who identify as bottoms, but the discussions will apply to all guys who like guys, regardless of their sexual identity (top, bottom, versatile, etc.). The reason for this focus is because (1) we believe the dilemma in question is experienced primarily by bottoms, and (2) there seems to be a privileging of tops and, in turn, a shaming of bottoms, so we thought it would be good for a change to have bottoms front and center.

For any accessibility requirements or accommodations, please contact us at hey@thisisourspace.ca


Date: February 10, 2016

Time: 6-8 pmPlace: ACT, 543 Yonge Street, 4th Floor, Meeting Room B


Click here for the Facebook Event. 


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