Hey Guys, OurSpace is getting together this month to explore how we as guys who like guys navigate an often-challenging world. When we are faced with homophobic harassment, bullying, and heterosexism, it’s often impossible to avoid taking these messages to heart.

Topics that will be discussed include how internalized homophobia impacts on our:
· Health and wellbeing

· Body image among guys who like guys

· Substance use

· Sexual health and intimate relationships

· The intricate link between gender, masculinity, internalized stigma

Furthermore, we also hope to bring about a discussion of cross-cultural understandings of internalized heterosexism in communities of colour and among First Nations peoples.

Please come out and let’s talk about this important part of your psychological, emotional, and sexual wellbeing. In order to break from this struggle, we first have to come together and acknowledge it’s a very real thing many of us struggle with on a daily basis.


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