Adedapo, 27. 

In Lagos, Nigeria where I was born – a country I love but it is not legalized to be Gay there – I ran away to Canada, where I got protection and the freedom to choose who I love. So far, life has been great but I still dream of visiting Nigeria again after a full time change of nationality.

I was a brave young growing man that was very open, understood & was comfortable with my sexuality while I live a fulfilling life, regardless of any consequences coming from different societal environments in terms of what they think or how they perceive me in schools, communities, among friends & families, including the workplace. My intention was to be happy with equal rights as every other Nigerian citizen.

I came across discrimination, bullying, bashing, rejection, labelling, oh name it…! I lived through these experiences in regards to my sexual orientation with the mind of fearlessness even though I know there were government laws surrounding human lives of same sex relationship, particularly men, so I was careful & flawless. Most of these challenging experiences made me who I am today, which I am thankful for because of the power of self-awareness coupled with the ability to recognize and maintain it independently.  It is hard work but when you have it, you own it!

Today, I am a permanent resident in Canada, soon to be Canadian citizen living my life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Toronto, where am currently in non-profit sector doing LGBTQ outreach, HIV/AIDS, and human rights work in a community based agency called Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA.)  Am very open and continue to be the fabulous no fear queer individual. I am a lover of everyone, regardless of who or what they represent

Life is just beautiful!


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