Phillip, 27.

I came out at 13.

My mom called me into her room. She told me I forgot to clear the internet browser history.

After that, I woke up another day and still continued to be me.

I’m gay, bi-racial, and HIV positive. Used to work 4 jobs, did college part-time and played rugby. Life has changed a lot. I now sing, paint, play rugby still, work one job and volunteer. Thus my short story, but this is the reason why: I’m more motivated, open minded and hearted, expressive, energetic, and actually give a shit about enjoying life rather than rushing through it.

When I was in elementary school I was that token black kid among all the kids till middle school. Then I went to a multi-cultured middle and high school and became known as the “white washed one” advocating for gay and trans gendered rights.

Let my message be like a slap on your ass when you are born. I hope it makes you realize some form of truth. But first, the over done quote: “We are born, we live and we die.” Second, only you can give others permission to make you feel bad about yourself. Third, on a more personal note, I believe we are all born different to recognize each others’ souls. Get your life and enjoy it for the moments, either good or bad. Fear is a choice, and no one should live with it. The key words in living your life is “your life.” So make sure you own. And if you’re feeling alone, I send good vibes, a twerk, a naughty butt photo, and I hope this makes you laugh and realize that being you makes all the difference.


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