Mizu, 24

I knew I was gay when I was 10, and came out when I was 12.  I came out the same year that gay marriage was legalized, so for me it’s always been the goal. I always knew, and my family did for sure. I grew up with Barbies and G.I. Joes, easy bake ovens and fishing poles. My parents brought me up on a solid diet of art, culture, and non-judgement. My parents both come from Jewish immigrant backgrounds, my father himself an immigrant to Canada. When I came out there was no harsh words, just the questions of if I was sure. I went to an amazingly inclusive high school and was the Head of my student GSA, took a boy to prom and was prom king. I never felt threatened, though I certainly felt out of place and alone for much of my teen years. I have rarely in my life felt threatened, and the few times I did I have always had someone there to have my back. In this I am fortunate, and I know it. I couldn’t ask for a more accepting family or group of friends, I really lucked out.


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